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Want to run an online business? Check out these tips from Google

Along with the development of the era, the current shopping behavior of the community has moved from the physical or come directly to the store for online behavior or shopping via the internet.


Shopping online has its own advantages, which is fast and easy. You simply have the device to be able to access the internet and you can already shop.

However, not everyone believes in online stores or online shop. Many people still believe in physical stores. Because, can see directly the goods sold and less likely to be exposed to fraud.

Well, if you want to do business online, there are tips for the store can be trusted by consumers. One of these tips is to provide a clear delivery service to consumers.

Read more, here are 5 simple things to consider in opening an online business or E-commerce according to Google’s Head of e-Commerce.

1. First step: Intiral Research

At this stage, you should really attach clear information about your business. In addition, site loading speed is also important and should be noted so as not to be abandoned by prospective buyers.

2. Second Step: Further Reasearch

At this stage, site loading speed is still needed. However, at this stage you need to consider also the stock of goods that you sell and available in your store.

3. Third Step: Purchasing

At this stage, you as a business owner must provide a good experience for consumers. So you can be trusted. In this case a good experience for consumers can be an easy payment, many payment methods available, and many other options.

4. Fourth Step: Order Fulfillment

This stage where you should pay attention to how you deliver consumer goods. You can provide fast delivery service to your customers and give them cheap fees or taxes in delivery.

5. Step Five: Post- purchaseReturns

This stage is not much done by the online business, which can exchange goods. This has not been done for fear of being misused by their customers.