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Want Productive? Avoid 6 It’s in 10 Minutes Before Work

Productivity is the key to a person’s success in the work. No wonder if every employee wants to work they do can be completed quickly and productively.

Many things can impede a person’s productivity at work. Often the limiting factor is not recognized by workers.

Believe it or not, a person’s productivity appeared to be hampered by small habits that performed in the initial 10 minutes of working time.

Here are 6 things you should avoid before work:

1. Coming late

The study, published in the Huffington Post revealed that bosses tend to give negative ratings to the workers who often come too late.

Additionally, arrive late at work can also make up your mood is not at work.

2. Not greet coworkers

You can create a pleasant atmosphere just by greeting colleagues when it comes to the office. Those who do not do this will seem indifferent and do not have good social skills.

3. Drinking coffee

A growing perception in the community assessing the coffee can be used as an effective tool to make a person more excited when it worked. But apparently, this was not entirely true.

Coffee turns revealing study will provide the maximum effect if taken over at 9:30 am.

4. Direct work without a clear agenda

Important work agenda made to employees will fully understand the task to be completed.

Without the work agenda, often many employees are distracted so it is not a task that should be solved.

5. Perform tasks easily advance

To create a more productive, you can try to do a difficult job in advance.

Easy work is more interesting to do. But this often make workers lazy to do the work more difficult.

6. Negative Thinking

The mind has a great influence for a person’s success. People who succeed are those who are always equip themselves with positive thoughts. Negative thinking at the beginning of the working time can make your productivity decreases.