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Tips to Teach Kids Saving and Investing

Research shows that women who could save and invest less in number than men. But when they got married and became a mother, a woman is required to be able to manage finances in the household.

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“Even at the relatively young age of twenties, usually savings and investments were rare,” said Kimberly Palmer, author of Smart Mom, Rich Mom.

He noted the complex relationship between women with financial begins at a young age, this culture is so ingrained and it also revealed parents to their children, namely how to use money and talk of financial problems.

So how can women change their habits?

To change it, Kimberly says, women should be able to change the routine and make saving a priority. Women should start doing. Make a note of the first step and then the next step to do.

Begin to make financial planning, designing a system, and define goals and set a strategy to manage the money exists. Prioritize making retirement savings and education of children. After doing the above things, believe you will find it useful and will feel calmer.

Talk about savings and investments, because it is a lesson for the whole family. You can help start giving confidence to the child and it can motivate a woman as a mother to make the best choices for themselves and their children.

“This can help give confidence in your children and I think it can motivate us as a mother to make better choices,” according to Palmer.