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Tips to save Until End of Month

Wallets tight at the end of the month seems experienced by most people. This happens not always because the income is not sufficient, but more because of expenses that are not braked.

save money

There is a wise way that can be done to avoid the situation of depletion of the wallet at the end of the month, the results of which could even be used to mortgage a house.

Here’s how to economize so as not to run out of money at the end of the month, which has been quoted from various sources. Such as the following:

Limit cash

If you are a difficult person to refrain from shopping, one efficient way to do this is not to carry too much cash.

Not just money, if you can not always carry a credit card in the wallet.

Calculate your real spending, for example in a day how much spending for lunches, transportation, and money for a guard. And only the amount that you take it for a full day.

Minimize transportation costs

If you’ve often bringing a car simply because it is more convenient, why not a little bother and using a motor? Better yet, if possible, you can advantage of public transportation such as trains comuter line or busway.

Using public transport can be much cheaper than that.

Reduce hangout, and begin to bring food

For those of you who are married, if the time to cook at home, try to bring lunch from home.

Or, if you’re single and still boarding, it could not hurt to bring food.

In addition, also reduce the habit of hanging out or hanging out. This habit is one habit that most spend money. Moreover, if the habit of hanging carried out in a cafe or coffee shop renowned.

Shopping in Traditional Markets

Further, it is to shop at traditional markets. How to follow up efforts downsize to bring food from home.

Do not be ashamed to learn to cook and shop at traditional markets. At least the price of staple goods much cheaper than in the modern market.

Saving electricity consumption

Note the use of electricity daily. Choose energy-efficient products, and of course you have to be disciplined in using it.

Reduce smoking

Lastly, for those active smokers, try to reduce tobacco consumption, even if it can stop it.

Besides hanging out, smoking is the biggest consumption post. By reducing cigarette, you can raise money to buy a house faster.