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Tips for Choosing Gold for Investment

Investment is a guarantee for the future of a person. Therefore, various types of investments offered in the community, including investment gold. Gold is a precious metal that is rather quite expensive, gold, it also has many advantages compared to other investment vehicles of course with some of the conditions that support.


Many Indonesian people who already understand that gold is a long-term investment vehicle. They save money in the form of gold and a time when they need money, gold can be sold by them.

Choose gold for investment can not be arbitrary. According to him, gold is used to choose to invest, must be adapted to the shape and type of the gold.

Note, there are three categories of types of gold. First, gold bars and gold coins, and gold jewelry. Selection of gold for investment is very important because it will affect the resale value of gold. For example, you choose the type of gold investment jewelry.

Investment jewelry, the resale value could be at odds. For example in the past two years, the price stabilized baseball, and if sold again cheapen the reason is not a model anymore, and if there are components of jewelry, only the value of gold is calculated.

In addition there are five things to consider in choosing gold. Among other things, the note gold quality standards and certificates. Obviously the selling price of the purchase, buy at the store are trusted and long-term investment.