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This reason is the Happy Could Be Richer

Most people assume that wealth is the source of happiness. But it could have the opposite effect. Happiness can make someone rich. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences released a research paper that showed that adolescents, and adults feel happy life can earn a higher income in the future.

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In the paper there is at least some reason that makes people happy to be rich. Here are four reasons are:

Happy people are more optimistic

Happy people tend to make more money because it uses optimistic approach makes them more open to new opportunities and experiences, said Lynda Spiegel, a founder of career training.

“They (the happy people) are willing to accept the challenge and take the risk, they are predictors and alert to opportunities,” he said.

They perceive a bad decision as a learning tool, rather than take it as a personal failure “adds Lynda.

People happy More Productive

Researchers at the University of Warwick in Coventry, England, found a link between happiness and productivity.

The paper, entitled “Happiness and Productivity,” which was written by Professor Andrew Oswald, Eugenio Proto and Daniel Sgroi said that individuals randomly selected and were made to feel happy to have a 12 percent greater productivity than those without.

Be productive in the workplace is very beneficial. If your boss know you’re very good productivity, it allows you to get a promotion and a raise.

People are happy part of the Solution

“Most people become part of the problem as they often complain of workplace,” said Linda Talley, an expert on the theory of behavior and leadership development coach.

On the other hand, happy people tend to seek the solution of a problem.

“Behaviour-oriented solution is invaluable to a busy workplace because deemed to increase the productivity and yield,” said Lior Krolewicz, founder and CEO of Yael Consulting.

People are happy to invest in yourself

Richer people happy, because always improve themselves by learning more, exercising, and an investment in their future, says Elle Kaplan, CEO and founder LexION Capital.

Investing in yourself, can increase happiness as well. “I have noticed my clients, they are generally happy when investing,” said Kaplan. “This is because investment in yourself is one of the best things you can do for yourself,” he said.