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This is Richard Branson Investment Style

Sir Richard Branson is one of the most famous British businessman. When the 20-year-old Branson founded Virgin Records and sold the company for $ 1 billion in 1992.

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Before selling the company he has produced legendary icons as the Sex Pistols and The Rolling Stones, which makes Virgin Records as one of the leading record company in the world.

Virgin Group operates in more than 50 countries, and master a variety of companies, including Virgin Atlantic, Virgin America, Virgin Money and Virgin Hotel. Here is a business investment style ala Richard Branson launched from Gobangkingrates:

1. Don’t be afraid to make startup

Richard Branson is one billionaire who enjoyed a startup business. He likes to invest in startup businesses that offer smart ideas, or businesses that provide simple solutions that can improve the lives of customers.

That’s why he invested in the company Square, a system that allows businesses accept credit card payments through a smartphone. “If I understand the startup product, or feel attracted at first glance, then the customers will like it, and if there is a problem that can be corrected, there is a good chance to buy it,” said Branson.

2. Invest in your community

Branson believe every business has the potential to make a difference, be it a business locally, nationally and globally. You have to invest in companies that benefit your community, and provide a positive impact on society. Investing in companies that provide socially responsible investing, also known as ethical or socially conscious investing.

3. Evaluate your decision

Branson always cautious at a time when ideas were flowing with swift. “I have learned that when an idea strikes you first reaction was carefully and objectively consider the potential of the business, the pros and cons,” he wrote.

Make sure you weigh everything carefully before proceeding.

4. Investments invaluable

Necker island owned by Richard Branson is one of the famous island in the British Virgin Islands. CNBC, he said Necker Island is the most beautiful place he had ever seen. Even though the island is worth US $ 6 million, Branson only bid of US $ 100 thousand limited ability at that time. Fortunately, the seller did not accept another offer, and one year later Branson returned to the island to buy.

“We will never sell (Necker Island),” said Branson. “It’s priceless,” added Branson.

Necker Island has offered up to US $ 200 million, may be the best profit ever Branson on the money invested. Sometimes we buy what we really want, and invest in something that you really love.