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Smart Tricks to Save If You Have No Fixed Income

Maybe you think saving is easier if you have a steady income. How not, monthly income can be divided in the beginning and live live according to the budget.

saving money

So, what if you do not have a steady income each month? For example a new freelance worker is paid if there is a project or in accordance with what is being done. How to save it?

The method of saving people with fixed income and not necessarily need different. However, both can still save to support the future or meet the sudden needs.

The method of saving that you can use is to determine the basic budget within a month. Calculate how much money you need to meet basic needs.

Basic needs include the cost of meals, transportation, pulses, electricity bills, water, until the internet. Suppose your need for all that is $ 1000, then make sure you have a minimum income of that size.

So the more money you earn, such as winning a race, getting a bonus, or money from an extra project can be used for secondary needs. For example shopping for clothing, eating at restaurants, holidays, and most importantly: saving.

It sounds easy but it may be difficult to get through. However, by getting used to you certainly can do it. Happy saving!