Losses Being Children of the Rich

A view of a rich kid who always show off treasures both parents now seem increasingly commonplace displayed through various social media. Personally, billionaire and co-founder of Carlyle Group’s David Rubenstein explains how growing up in wealthy circumstances make children suffer huge losses.

rich man

“One of the most complicated thing when you have success is, what about your children?” Rubernstein said.

He explains, he has three children who all grew up in a prosperous and fulfilling the conditions. While itself grows in conditions of deprivation, which in fact it is very profitable.

According to him, if you have the unconditional love of both parents and they let you do anything you want, then do not need money to be successful.

“When you grow up in a wealthy family, it is very difficult to know when you achieve something for their own business. And it’s hard for others to feel you achieve success due to their own business,” he said.

With these conclusions, he admits his children are in unfavorable conditions since birth in the middle of a rich family. Although all children memiiliki enough money and education, but nonetheless should all be achieved on their own.

“But still it is very difficult for a parent to say, do what you want and we will not help any,” he said.

For Rubeinstein, many parents want their children to be independent and successful but not strong enough to resist help.