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How to Set Financial As Freelance

Not all of us are permanent workers who has a definite working hours and work regularly throughout the working day (weekdays). But there are also among us who work as freelancers. Start the way to work, working hours until any income for a freelancer is different from permanent employees in a company.


If a company’s employees routinely earn a salary each month, it would not happen to a freelancer. With no regular salary or income gain, a freelancer should be required to be more rigorous in managing personal finances.

Obtaining salary is not fixed and at the same time some routine expenses become a challenge for the freelancer to manage its finances. It must be handled properly to avoid an error in the management of personal finances.

So what should be done by freelancers in order to have a sound financial? Here are some tips that you can do as a freelancer in order to obtain a healthy cashflow:

Note the inclusion

It is important for a freelancer to record expenses and revenues every month. After often record an expense or income is almost the same every month and you can get around and save the expenses that are not important.

Pay dues at the beginning

To bill or monthly dues such as electricity, water, installment and other routine expenses. Try immediately to be paid at the beginning. Because by delaying the payment of money you will be risky feared unused.

Set aside revenues

While getting honorarium or payment of any job you take. Try to set aside a few percent for savings, and also separate personal account to a savings account based on usability. Eg personal accounts used for routine expenses while savings accounts used to watch when you’re lonely job.

Project vs. idealistic project to make money

In each project there must be the name of the project that is making money and idealistic project. For example, a business motivator, a project to make the book may not be much compared fortunately he became speaker in 5 cities.

For that you must be able to set up projects which should take precedence without damaging other projects. And also count how many projects you need to take to cover expenses or needs.

Avoid consumptive nature

But avoid profligacy or consumptive remember you are a freelancer status. This month because it could have a lot of job the next two months were lonely job. Prioritize buying goods that can have productive value to support the work. As for buying goods that you want but consumptive, can be circumvented by making the wish list next month.