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How to Save When Increasing Salaries

All employees must crave the moment of salary increase. If you have earned this additional income, the money can be channeled to several other expenditure items.


However, there are some things that must be a concern when getting a raise. Because if you do not use it well, a salary will feel mediocre, even can harm yourself. One of the things that should be avoided when raising a salary is to add consumptive debt.

Here are four ways you can do to not be more extravagant when getting a raise.

1. Create a clear budget

When you get a raise, try to first look at the financial situation thoroughly. Is the old salary sufficient to meet the quality of life you want? Or even less?

It is important for everyone to know how big the number of life needs each month. That way, it’s easy for him to decide where to allocate the pay raises.

2. Be careful choosing friends

Be careful in choosing friends. Make friends with anyone, but not everyone can be our friend. The social environment can affect personality and lifestyle. Therefore, be careful in choosing someone as a friend. You have to filter out those who can adversely affect yourself.