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Here are four advantages start your own business

With economic conditions improving, many Indonesian people began to consider running a business more attractive than work for others. Starting from the absence of a binding working hours, a great advantage, to realize the idea itself.

Despite the fact, has no business could be considered mild. Being an entrepreneur proved to have many advantages, especially in the financial sector. Want to know what the advantage of starting your own business?

1. Additional income

If you currently still working and planning on running a small business, then you are actually opening tap new income stream.

2. Preventing risks

One characteristic of the rich is to have more than one source of income. Because, if one source disappears, then he still has other sources of income. Have a side business is not just to add money in your pocket, it gives you the power to control life.

Thus, in the event of disasters that cause you to lose a major source of income, there are other sources of income that sustains you from the financial crisis worse.

3. Increase the quality of self

If you are successful side business, you could put it in a job resume. What are the benefits? If you intend to make a career leap with finding new jobs and higher positions, the company will be your glance over the managerial ability and experience to manage the business. Many companies prefer to have them have the experience than those who have a diploma.

4. Increase happiness

Did you know that 77 percent of entrepreneurs are people happier, while 52 percent of workers are unhappy with their jobs. Therefore, having your own business will get people to love his job. As a result, the work carried out will feel lighter and fun to work with.