Google Plus Switch Design, Still Can Compete With Other Social Media?

As we all know that in fact Google also has its own social media. Google has its own social media product that is Google Plus to compete with other social media such as Facebook and Twitter. But so far, Google Plus arguably still far behind Facebook and Twitter in terms of number of users. Realizing this, it seems Google itself did not remain silent, they would continue to evaluate and innovation.

new design google plus

More recently, Google did was to revamp the appearance of Google Plus itself. Updates on this, according to Google is to make Google Plus is more friendly to users who frequently access with mobile devices.

Google Plus itself arguably is the fourth product from Google in their attempts to enter the competition in the business world of social media. Google Buzz, Google Friend Connect and Orkut is a social media site Google’s concept before.

Reshuffle Focus On Display and Key Features

The fact that Google made social media users are still far less than Facebook is not a secret anymore. Although still far less than Facebook, Google looks not just give up in the social media arena. A mention of data that Google + active users reached 300 million in 2015, or nearly matching Twitter users were 380 million users.

However, when compared to Facebook’s active users reached 1.5 billion, it is still far away. To that end, this reshuffle might be one goal is to have Google Plus could compete with other social media, especially Facebook.

In this reshuffle, Google Plus like being born again with a new design that looks more fresh. Overall, in fact almost no significant changes to the structure of the display Google Plus. In the update this time, there are two main features that are the focus of Google Plus, the Communities and Collection.

The Communities feature is a feature that serves as a new means for users to interact with other users especially those that have the same passion. Just like a community, then who has the same hobby or hobbies can interact on the features of these Communities.

As for the Collection feature, this is a new way to classify some of the post based on a topic. For example, if you make a post about the technology, then you can classify the post through this Collection feature. Each collection post you make, can be distributed to everyone, private or certain people only. In addition, it is also possible you can follow post collections of others among users of Google Plus.

Not Just Communities and Collection Only

Although in this reshuffle excellent features offered are the two main features of Communities and Collection, but actually Google Plus not only that. In doing this reshuffle, Google even involve renowned design expert Luke Wroblewski interface. It is intended to focus on the management of mobile devices. Luke himself was an expert who is also the founder of Polar, a #startup which was acquired by Google in 2014.

According to Google, Luke has worked well with designing a good design and can be used on devices with any operating system. In the next few days, according to them, such as iOS and Android devices that have been updated should be able to obtain this new look of Google Plus.

Luke Wroblewski himself wrote on his Google Plus account that this new design is not only on the features and Communities solely Collection. In addition to both of these features, also do repairs on your shared content, search, connections, topics and people.

The question then arises, whether the innovation that Google Plus is then able to gain market share in the world of social media. Or just as they had done before, that the social media of Google is still too much when compared with Facebook. We see further developments.