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Future of Social Media Will Become the Main Platform Ecommerce?

As we all know that social media users are increasingly showed remarkable improvement. The increasing number of users of social media, it is also accompanied by an increase in the use of social media function itself.


If the first social media just used only to socialize with friends or colleagues, now social media has been used as a means for doing business. The development of social media in entering the e-commerce market, it is also getting bigger.

Not only companies are using social media as a tool for business, but also a great deal of individuals. And it is expected the future will be even bigger and more and more. Becoming more and more people are aware of the convenience provided from social media to support online business. Many people who sell goods using social media, offering services using social media.

New Features Of The Social Media Support

The movement is getting bigger with the addition of support for the features on the social media itself. As with Facebook, who several months ago announced a new feature of remittances through Messenger. This feature Messenger transform into digital dopet to users. Do not stop there, the Messenger service is also working with Uber.

With the cooperation it easier for users to reserve transportation services via these applications. There’s more, Facebook also appeared to have tested the “Buy Button” or “shop section” on the main page. The presence of the functions of a digital wallet further encourage social media into a potential new marketplace.

And it turns out the completion of-completion feature that supports in monetize social media is not only done by Facebook alone. Similar functions were held up starts there also on other social media such as Twitter and Pinterest. Both of these social networking does not want to stay silent and lags behind the others. They also began to utilize commercial functions to monetize their businesses.

Social Media Behavior Trigger Public Expenditure

In the world of Internet, ecommerce and social media itself is actually something different. Social media has a basic function as a means to distribute information and get information. Moreover, it also has a function as a means to communicate with others. While e-commerce itself is a business activity in which involves the buying behavior of people. As more and more users of social media, social media turns increasingly bring users into the realm of commerce although the scale is still small.

As well as on Facebook, the presence of a new feature on Facebook is quite important and is able to provide a new experience to users in an online shop. From here we can see that today social media is quite capable of triggering the shopping behavior of modern society.

We will easily find various grop or fanspage Facebook users in which contains about selling something. It may also be affected from so popular and the number of social media users in the world. In addition, the convenience offered can also be a contributing factor in social media commerce.

Social Media Can Be Key Ecommerce Platform

Although social media is currently rated as a trigger powerful enough on the behavior of public spending, but some still doubt the social media function as ecommerce. Currently social media is still at the stage merely convey information related to the products that are popular. For regular products, people still considered more confident using existing ecommerce.

Social media is still considered not sufficiently mature to develop themselves as e-commerce based on the existing information systems in it. Functions on social media still need to be refined as the filtering functionality, price, style and other functions that already exist in ecommerce.

However, changes in the social media platform is also not ruled out going to happen. Look from day to day new features are added constantly associated with e-commerce functions.