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Financial problems can affect employee performance

Financial problems were also negatively impact the performance of work in the office. It was also experienced by most citizens of the United States (US).

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Based on data SUM180, online services of financial planners said 29 percent of employees do not perform well in its work because of financial problems. US citizens usually have financial problems, among others, mounting debt, and pay bills that many college.

Financial problems have had an impact on performance and productivity. Ironically, attendance and poor performance at work can actually have a negative impact for the main source of income. Therefore, it is necessary to manage the financial changes that do not affect the productivity of labor.

Based on studies Nortwestern Mutual in 2016, said about 85 percent of the US public worry about the finances. About 28 percent, worry about money at least once a day. 67 percent say that finances enough to affect his health.

Unplanned expenditure is a major source of financial problems experienced by US citizens. The biggest concern is daily expenses are very large. Then the cost of pensions, health care and credit cards are also a problem for Americans.

If you do not want to experience the same thing as it is, there are a number of tips for managing finances:

1. Create an Emergency Fund

Sometimes we have something unexpected among other damaged cars, roofs suddenly leaked because of the rainy season, and others. Well, it should cost to fix it. Therefore, you need to have an emergency fund to anticipate them.

Whatever your salary, you should have an emergency fund for the six months of your salary. If you are a freelance worker then you have bigger prepare your emergency fund.

The more you set aside for an emergency fund, the concern would be reduced. With concerns diminished, it can reduce stress and sleep well. It also has affected your work performance.

2. Discipline to the Budget

By creating a budget then it can be helpful to see how the discipline to spend money. It so does not make you stress and worry so much.

By creating a budget, you can review anywhere income was spent, and can cut the budget unnecessarily.

3. Prioritize retirement savings

Pension costs one of the main sources of concern many workers. If you still work perhaps it is not true.

However, the younger you start saving for retirement, then have the opportunity to generate a better pension fund.

Whatever you are facing financial problems should immediately take concrete steps to fix it. With the pressure is reduced, the financial problems can also have a positive impact on your career.