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Don’t Do It If not Want to Work Denied

Getting a job in accordance with the dream is to be the desire of all people. However, there are times when you often fail or be rejected when it gets the job we have dreamed.

Perhaps the rejection occurs because there are some mistakes you make when you first interview or a job interview. Well, here are some mistakes that often occur when the interview process makes denied work:

Dressed Not Exactly

It is no secret if the appearance of the interview became one of the important factors that will determine your acceptable or not in a company.

In addition to speaking and body gesture, HRD will also assess the way you dress. The good avoid clothes that are sexy, excessive grooming and too casual.

Come too late

Even if you go into qualifying in accordance with its wishes and nice profile, but when it was late when the interview do not be surprised if the HRD immediately rejected.

So, try to arrive 10 to 15 minutes early. This indicates that you appreciate their time and do not seem to underestimate the initial interview sessions.

Job Requirements Incomplete

Make sure you take full requirements prior to the job interview, because it can minimize the work refusal. All the work requirements in the form of a resume, a copy of your ID and passport photo to the Portfolio into something that must be taken as an assessment and consideration to work in a company.

Not Understanding Regarding the proposed position

Never ever applied for a job in a position that you never understand. Before applying for a job, make sure you have to really understand and meticulous about the functions and responsibilities of the position.

Do not let the interview process is running, you do not know in detail about their responsibilities. This already ensures that you will be immediately rejected by the company.

Request Salary Not accordance with Potential

During the interview process we certainly will be no time to negotiate salary. To avoid rejection because you offer a salary that passes through the market, it would be nice to do a survey first.

You can do a salary survey that fit through the Internet or using the Salary Benchmark. In addition to a salary survey, Salary Benchmark is also able to find out the salary range on the position of the other, regulate wages and others.