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Do this so that you move up next year

The turn of a new year provides plenty of opportunities for people to make long-term planning better. Including in matters of career and job. In this new year, you definitely want a career that could be better undertaken, one of which is the hope of promotion.

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He might look difficult, it is not something that is impossible to do. There are some actions you can take in order to what you want it to be real.

1. Remember back to your work

Take the time to remember what work you already do: over the past year. Write down the well if you do a certain project, with whom you work and how long it takes to do it.

2. Calculate the achievement

After recalling the work you’ve done, you can calculate how successful achievement do. If you can count the achievement by percentage calculations.

3. Collect references from others

To be able to advance and get better positions, then you need to get references from others. You can ask for a reference from your boss directly, or co-workers who work with you.

4. The award of the

When you work, you may often awarded thanks to assignments that you do well. Try a good note with this award. It is useful to boost your career profile.

5. Create a long-term plan

After a recap of all the jobs you do, try to make a long-term plan for the career you want to do. This way you can with structured achieve what is desired.