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Child life story of world’s richest people

How does it feel to be a child of the richest people in the world? Definitely what occurred in the mind is a life wallowing in wealth and luxury. Want any live shows hand. But it was not experienced by Petter Buffet.

The youngest of the world’s richest investors while Warren Buffet claimed to live simply. It also makes most people do not believe if he was the son of Warren Buffet.

” ‘But you really look very normal` said most people know me when was the son of the world’s third richest man at the time,” said Peter.

He claimed reasonable if people do not believe he was the son of the son of a billionaire. That’s because she and her siblings grew up in a simple way and never afforded the luxury of excessive by the father.

Peter even admitted to not knowing what the job his father until he was reaching adulthood.

“Growing up, we never know what the father’s work. Everything looks mysterious,” Gomez said.

Questions about the work his father began to emerge when his sister had to fill out a form from the school. He filled it with a job as `security` analysis, it was because his father only worked in front of a computer with a screen full of numbers that do not understand.

“For a kid like us then, we never understood the numbers mean on a computer? And what the New York Stock Exchange, sell, buy, everything we do not understand,” said Peter.

Buffett is known as one billionaire simple. He is building a normal household, until even the neighbors never expected that Buffett is a billionaire.

“I walk into a public school, my English teacher even equal to that of the mother,” he said.

It took about 25 years until Peter began to understand what the job his father. Even so, because it used a normal life, he was very happy not grow spoiled in the wealth belonging to the father.

Buffett is famous for simple even still living in his old home. Not only that, he also prefers a regular cell phone than a smartphone.

“Our father was very happy to read. If you’re past our house, you will not find any difference to our residence in 1965. He is a man who is consistent and it is extraordinary,” he said.