Before the Job Interview, Prepare Answers Here

Interview is the gate to get a dream job. Therefore, you also need to prepare well. Not a few people escaped prepare intelligent answers to answer interview questions. As a result many of them fail to reach their dream job.

Please prepare these answers.

1. Questions about yourself

“Tell me about yourself” or “what do you do in your spare time?”. These are questions that need answers intelligent because they want to know your real self. Perhaps you’ve trained yourself to answer the advantages and achievements you have. But you should also keep your answers should be honest but professional sounding.

2. Question previous work

This question is not just how long you work at a job, but also, the reason you left the job. Be careful, lest you impressed vilify and leave your old company. Look for diplomatic answer centered on your desire to join the new company.

3. Negative Question

“What is your greatest shortcoming?”. The next trick question. However, there is a trick to answer. Make sure your answer using positive words. Be careful not too much so impressed negative. Give an answer such as, “I am very diligent”, “I’m too perfectionist” or “I’m too concerned with detail”. It will sound better than “I procrastinate” or “sometimes my grumpy”.