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According to Google This is characteristic of Great Managers, What You One of Them?

Big role of a manager in a business can not be ruled out. It could even be the ability of a manager is one key to success in developing a business. For this reason, a manager is required can always be the best for our employees and of course to the business itself. Well, in the process of finding and hiring a manager is not an easy matter, not all at once. Usually must pass through several phases so that it can find the right manager.

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Not infrequently in the selection process are also often experience confusion. Class giant company Google has ever experienced shocks as well as problems of this manager. Larry Page ever a time to fire all its technical manager, this is done to make the company free from bureaucracy and still be able to move nimbly in every step.

But apparently this step wrong, Larry Page this policy could make Google turbulence while. Larry Page was soon realized his mistake and seems to have learned from those mistakes.

Google Related Research Manager Powerful Characteristics

After several months of empty, ultimately the role of technical manager returned as usual. Page realized that the role of a good manager is the key that can make the team feel happier and be more productive. Google itself was then conduct a study released some time ago. The results of this study states that “team with a great manager is happy and productive.”

Don’t stop in there, then Google also conduct a single study of what can make a manager could be great and powerful through the project “Oxygen” them. They used data from a survey of some of the employees are equipped with a discussion of their performance.

In addition to these two ways, in qualitative research interviews were conducted double-blind. Qualitative interviews are double-blind both researchers and subjects studied were equally not know who the experiment and who is the control. Each of them also do not know which ones are being treated and which do not receive treatment. And this is the result.

Eight Characteristics of Great Managers According to Google

From research conducted by Google, they found 8 general characteristics that must be owned by a person if it is to become a great manager. Eighth traits and characters that should be owned by Google analysis results are as follows:

1. A Good Coach

Good coach will always be able to create a great player and reliable. Similar to the employee, the manager who has the character of a good coach surely can guide employees to grow and continue to be productive.

2. Encourage team spirit

It is more appropriate to jobdesc division. Not interfering in the work team more, but rather to give a boost to the team to always work filled with enthusiasm.

3. Expressing excitement and Top Employee Award

Show appreciation to men is something that is the pride for men. Expression of the joy of successful employees will make employees more motivated and rewarded.

4. Always Productive and Oriented Results

A good manager should be able to maintain productivity in the work. How to make employees be productive if they themselves are not productive. So a character like this must be owned by a good manager.

5. Having a Good Communication Skill

Communication is a very important part in leading a work team. A great manager must be able to communicate all circumstances to their employees. Both circumstances are good or bad circumstances.

6. Help Bottoms for Climbing Career Ladder

Great managers never hinder the careers of their subordinates. In fact, they actually will encourage and assist subordinates to pursue a career in higher up the ladder in a career.

7. Have Strategies and Vision Clear

Of course, the manager must have the vision and mission in leading a work team. What strategy should be run in the business should also be at their disposal.

8. Have Good Skill Technical

Technical skills are also required. It is used to assist technically subordinate or employee when they run into trouble.