7 Signs You are Financial Suicide

Can organize your finances well indicate a person has grown up. Financial planning is well indeed easy to say but hard to do. But, did you know that financial planning was also difficult although you have an extra income every month?

financial suicide

Suicide in finance is not happening instantaneously. However, it is done when you have a lot of time. Unfortunately, this condition is not understood and occurs continuously,

The following common mistakes and cause you to collapse in finance:

1. Deciding to have a child but not yet stable finances

If you want to raise children well, you must have a stable financial and setting a good time. Without a good financial situation, you will be a bad example for your child.

You should be able to provide funding for health care, delicious and healthy meal, as well as the cost of education and so are not cheap. So for a family, you have to prioritize career and use it to pursue financial stability.

2. Rely with others

You have friends and family who are ready to help, but it is not the way to live. In time they will not give your tolerance for incompetence. Sooner or later your relationship with them will be bad if you do not start with something productive.

3. Pay the debt with the loan

Regardless of difficult financial conditions, lest you decide to pay the debt by switching to another loan. This was seen as an easy solution but it will drain more quickly finances.

4. Relying on bank credit

Other forms of finance is not the responsibility to rely on bank credit. You must understand if the future is unpredictable and ultimately make you powerless.

To avoid such problems, you must live more simply. Then the focus to a balanced budget and may seek such additional compensation to the company asking if there are more jobs.

5. Often gamble

Gambling is the act that makes you addicted or additives. When you have more money, you will delegate to gambling for more revenues. The problem is, winning in gambling is impossible and it made him to lose control.

Better put your money in savings as an investment. By doing so, gradually owned money will continue to grow.

6. Sloppy with office equipment

Ensure that the office equipment is functioning properly, if not then it will be unfortunate because it becomes part of a financial suicide.

Computers need to be maintained and functioning properly. Office printers do not last forever and you need to know when to be replaced.

7. One vote residence

Live in a location that is not affordable, or location that does not fit is one of the causes of suicide financially. If you go back and forth in a day’s work then will you will have budget problems.

Another problem is that when you buy an expensive home without sufficient support. Expensive lifestyle will also be part of your troublesome.