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7 Reasons You Feel You Have No Money

Do not hate yourself if this time was broke, no money, and worse, could barely survive month after month. In the United States, as many as 250 million people or more than half of the population feels that way. On average each person has revenues of approximately US $ 48 thousand to $ 68 thousand. As quoted from Entrepreneur, nearly 75 percent of the population living in the United States rely on a monthly salary.

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In 2013, people who earn US $65 thousand before taxes, spending US $49 thousand to $51 thousand for the house, transportation, food, insurance, entertainment, health, the needs of children, and other expenditures.

Take another 20 percent of the income taxes, and that money left over for savings or investments.

If you feel no money constantly even though it has worked well established, probably seven of these reasons cause:

1. Living close to the parents

Most of the people living close to the AST turns his parents, especially their mothers. If you want to make money, it’s time to decide to live far from the capital.

It’s time to move and go where there is a better chance. You do not have any reason to save money by staying with parents.

2. Illiteracy about the economy

Most people are illiterate about the economy. Even people who do not understand the college’s most basic economic terms. Economics is defined as household management and resources.

This management is useful to make you responsible for the money and managed to survive. To manage it, you should make money with hard work.

3. Make a list of budget

Spending time to make a list of the budget is the best way guarantee you’ve never had the money. This mindset has meant you play defense, not fighting.

4. Apathy on the financial condition

Many people have become apathetic to its financial condition and stop looking for solutions. You can not have money if you do not pay attention to it. Act like there is no problem even make matters worse.

5. Want privileged

Reluctance doing work that does not want to work with other people is one of the reasons you do not have the money. Rights issues and want to privileged not only to those who are less economically developed. Everyone wants to be president, CEO, manager, but someone has to exist who make sales.

6. Comparing poverty

Idea to compare your financial situation better than those who are starving do not make things better. It is only correct the situation, leading to financial suicide.

7. Complaining continue

Many people complain about having to work from nine in the morning until five in the afternoon. If you do not work and thinking to move forward, it will not be able to walk to the front. Money is not important and does not make happy.

But this is no justification for you do not have money, take care of the family, and create the life you want.