6 Work Endangered

Times have changed. Now many things are done traditionally becoming obsolete. In fact, many people lost their jobs because there was nothing else to use their services.


The cause? The sophistication of the technology has been able to reduce the human role in the work. Here are six jobs that are likely to become extinct due to the sophistication of the technology:

1. Farmers

Farming will remain. However, in line with technological sophistication, the role of farmers will decrease. In the past maybe 10 hectares of agricultural land undertaken by hundreds of people, will just one person who is the operator of agricultural machines.

2. Publisher

Traditional publishing company coming to an end, along with the e-Book, which is more popular than hardcover books. In addition to the e-Book, there Audiobook are seeing an increase in popularity and the company that transforms each word into sound.

3. Reporter Newspaper

With the increase in online media, print media profession or a newspaper reporter predicted to continue to decline.

The software has now started to be used to write articles, information seekers will also find news using their mobile phones.

4. The mailman

Already rare people send a letter through the post. In today’s era of people more used to send a letter by email, where an email making communication easy.

Most letters can be done online and easier for everyone involved.

5. Librarian

Sophisticated search technology makes people lazy to go to the library. This will shut down the work of a librarian, although there is a virtual media and internet search system there are still people who go to the library.

6. Cashier

There is now a lot of online stores that give effect to the offline store. This can be seen with the decline in demand for retail cashier. While this will get rid of the theft that often occur in offline stores.