6 Type Blog Visitors, Including where you are?

As one of the products from the virtual world, a blog run by bloggers often reveal a number of interesting phenomena to explore. Alternative media that was originally used as a place to share and develop talent is of course intensified so because now the blog could have been used for monetize in order to earn a living. From blogging became more crowded cultivated by her people.

visitor blog type

In addition to blogging more intense activity, the impact of blog monetize is also evident from the emergence of some type of blog visitors. The arrival of visitors to the blog is going to make the blog owner happy, because their works are getting a response and also causes increase blog traffic. But you also have to understand that at this time there are various types of visitors that might make the blog owner not happy even dizzy. Do not believe? Just read the explanation below.

1. Silent Reader

The first type of blog visitors are silent reader. This type of reader silent visitors are people who despise read blog posts without even leaving any trace, especially the comments. Visitors with this type of course as it is very annoying for most bloggers because they do not want to be bothered with the blogger and the owner wants his own victory. The bad news reader silent type is claimed to have the largest number of types other blog visitors.

2. Faithful and Understanding

If you often get visits from people who love and share your posts, and also give good comment on any content you create, then congratulations you have had visitor type that can make you successful.

Type of loyal visitors and this sense it is a dream for every blogger. How not to his presence, traffic a blog will be potentially higher and crowded. With higher traffic, of course, you will be more likely to get what you want as popularity, income and strong branding.

3. Just Dropped

In contrast to the silent-type reader, simply type blog visitors stop by will leave a trail of comments. Unfortunately the comments left by visitors just stop is generally very short and in the form of interrogative sentence. When we we’ve answered the question, then he’s not necessarily going back to your blog.

His name is also the visitors just stop. The next feature of the visitors just stop is they come in and commented only for reciprocation because we’ve blog walking and comment on his blog.

4. Critic

The next type of blog visitors are critics. Visitors of this type is certainly not just visiting and commenting, but they usually will discuss all details of the blog and your content.

They are the type of critics is not only to comment on the content of the post, but also of the essence and can also use the word or phrase of your content that is not appropriate. Another characteristic of this one type of visitors are comments display and detail.

5. Type Promotion

The development of blogging that go hand in hand with business growth will of course have an effect on the world of blogging itself. This time with the theme online shop blog is indeed very much. From here the visitor type of blog promotion will appear. They came to visit other blogs not to read blogs because of a need to get information.

However, they have visited the blog with a mission of promoting products and services business. Because so often he visited and promote through comments so their arrival is often considered as spam.

6. Stalker

Lastly, the type of visitors to the blog is a stalker. As the name implies, this type of blog visitors are mysterious people who do not show their identity yet very enthusiastic about you and your blog. Those will continue to faithfully follow your blog, but they do not want to show his identity.

Visitors like this can be characterized by his comments that always uses an anonymous status (without names). But even so, the type of stalker in a blog has more benefits than the stalker in social media because you will get traffic blogs that either of them.