6 Tips to Find a Job Via Social Media

Besides being a place to share and connect with friends and relatives, social media can also be used for positive things, one of them get a job. Nowadays, social media is an effective tool to build a business or find a job. In fact, social media Facebook currently has 1.5 billion active users, where the number is one-fifth of the total population in the world.

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Search job has changed in recent years. In early 2000, you may still use the paper and look for a variety of jobs in the classifieds.

But, now you can use a variety of online sites, such as Monster Jobstreet or to find a variety of job you want. Not only the online site, you can also optimize your social media to get the job done.

Here are 6 tips get a job with social media optimization:

1. Update Your Social Media Accounts

Make sure you have some important social media, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, because your boss will be looking for your social media during the job interview.

Some companies even make your LinkedIn profile as a reflection of yourself. For that, you must look attractive in front of superiors, by updating and completing a variety of information about yourself on social media.

2. Ensure Appropriate Information Facts

By the time you first use social media, of course, sometimes using some false information. You have to make sure what is written in the CV according to what is written in your social media. Some employers usually check the authenticity of the data yourself, seen from a social media you have.

3. Select Upload your Social Media

If you’ve ever uploaded anything negative, racist comments, to fight in social media, you have to start removing the various posts.

Some surveys show a HRD normally select prospective employees with what they upload on social media. There should be no harsh words, racist remarks, to the vulgar pictures on your social media timeline.

4. Find Jobs in Social Media

If you are tired of looking for a job online or social media sites, maybe you can try to find a job in social media. You can join the group Facebook and LinkedIn for job seekers. There you can not only share a job, but share experiences on how to get a job.

5. Start Connect with Colleagues in Social Media

You can begin to make friends with prospective coworkers at the company that you want in Twitter and LinkedIn, including HR managers. By connecting with new people, you might be able to get a connection to the job you want.

6. Note the Account Name Social Media and Your Email

If social media and email accounts you still use a name that does not match with your real name, you must replace it. In addition to more easily search, social media account name that is not clear will also affect your self-image in the eyes of your boss.