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6 Reasons You Do Optimization SEO Site

Online business is a business activity that is done on the internet. We sell products or services through a variety of media that are inside. The media are extremely diverse. Ranging from social media such as forums, social networking sites (facebook, twitter, youtube), online stores and other similar media as a place where they market their products and services.

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By utilizing a variety of media above, an online business just stay using existing features. Though of course its use is limited only to what has been provided by the media. As a solution, the online business too much to make the container business activities by building a site yourself.

The existence of this site are their official representative in the Internet. With an online business site then have more space and freedom in expressing business style to things that most details of his business to online.

However, a problem arises when the result is not satisfactory sales through the site, compared the results they get from social media which looks much bigger and profitable.

The above description is indeed a reality that is often experienced by the online business that just try your luck in the online world. This problem occurs because the still green experiences and their understanding of the business on the internet.

Although they have built a site with attractive design and fully featured, it is not enough. The next step is to find the way that many potential visitors who come. One is by way of optimization.

In the world of Internet marketing known three (3) types of optimization effort that can be done to bring visitors, namely: SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SMO (Social Media Optimization)

As an SEO practitioner, then I recommend businesses do SEO optimization because:

  • SEO is an optimization technique that will make your website appear on the first page of search results (SERP) search engine.
  • With SEO techniques then your site will get potential visitors from search engines who will buy the products you sell
  • In fact the more Internet users use search engines to find / buy comparison purposes via social networking sites
  • Increasingly, the use of search engines more easily with smartphones, tablets and the like
  • SEO optimized site that has become popular on search engine results, so that by doing so to increase brand awareness of your business that have
  • And of course the SEO will also assist the existence of the site / your business even bigger on social networking sites

However, SEO optimization is not free. For it before deciding whether you need to touch the SEO business, we must first do market research will be the popularity of the product you are selling, whether the product has been widely sought after by search engine users?

If the expected results of product sales is greater than its cost optimization SEO, then you should immediately perform SEO optimization since now.