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6 How to set money while still in debt

Having debt seems enough to make some people uneasy. Because, when a person has a debt would be quite difficult to make a financial plan for the future.


Each month, are required to pay a credit card bill or pay the mortgage vehicles. While other needs must also be met, sometimes do not have time to save.

Although it is quite complicated to make financial planning at the moment still has a debt, it is not impossible to arrange finance, in order to remain able to save or invest. This is a challenge for people who still have debts, to save money.

The most important thing is to stop to add to the debt, then the old debt will be repaid as soon as possible. Here’s how the current financial plan is still in debt:

1. Solving Debt with Debt Snowball Method or Debt Stacking

Either way, it is a very advisable for you to try. Someone who has a debt, does not necessarily have to spend their possessions as well as to repay debt. Both of these methods allow for scheduling to make debt repayment a priority.

2. Restructuring of Debt

This can be done by contacting the creditor, the person who gave the loan, such as the bank or other specific institutions, and had to ask to review the state of the credit position of customers who asked for leniency. This relief is in the form of installments, interest or time period acquittal.

3. Debt Consolidation

This is a proper technique, in which to help resolve the ongoing debt, then will be combined, become a part of a huge debt. With this technique, it is expected the interest rate will be lower.

4. Removing Assets Held

It is a way out that may be taken when you are in a position of “trapped” and there is no other way out to pay off debt. Preferably, if it must release the assets belong to you, enough productive assets is not removable. As some branded items belong to you.

5. Declared Bankrupt By Law

This option is the last option that can be done, but wherever possible, be avoided. It is concerned with the laws and regulations of the law, so that the process may be more complicated, because it is associated with the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 37 Year 2004 on bankruptcy and suspension of debt payments.

6. Healthy the first condition of your finances

Turns possible if we want to manage finances at the moment we still have a debt, the way is to nourish our finances out of the debt itself.

With some of the above, it can make your debt problems is reduced and you are ready to manage finances better, for the future.