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6 Easy Ways to Make Work on Monday The Spirit

Most employees often complained about his work on Monday. Not just laziness, fatigue after the holiday has also become one of the biggest complaints employees when Monday arrives. Management consultant Steve Tobak says, reduced productivity someone is because of him alone.

Managers strategy consulting firm Invisor Consulting also stated, most employees do things is not important that waste a lot of time at work.

You should know the purpose of the office is to work, instead of accessing social networking or relax. Because it is considered Tobak can lower a person’s productivity at work. To overcome this, the following six simple ways to increase productivity Tobak offered to work on Monday:

1. Do not access Social Networking For Work

Addicted to something can disrupt productivity. Similarly, when addicted to access social media such as Facebook or Twitter are booming now. Then access the Twitter, Blog, Facebook or other social networking activities after work.

2. Stop organizing various things

As an office employee, of course you receive many emails every day. You do not need to bother classifying or pick and choose which ones should be removed and which are not. If you need some files in email, you can use the search engine facility.

3. Determine deadline

Currently has a lot of activity in the office, specify strict schedules to complete. You must also specify a specific time to stop working. It is called by the deadline will be forced to be more disciplined at work.

4. Do not be a lot of work

This point does not advise you to laze around. However this is called priority. You must have been weird again with the story of time management and personal productivity are able to turn into a big business.

You must be good at choosing a job, which should be prioritized and which can be resolved later. This method is able to boost productivity without doing a lot of things that do not matter.

5. Learn to say ‘no’ and do not ever say ‘maybe’

Helping others can often be a great motivation for yourself. But you should learn to say no, if the request for help is nothing to do with the goals and priorities. Say ‘may’ also should be avoided because they can turn it into a personal interest.

6. Turn off the sound of electronic devices

When the time working, turn off the sound from the phone or computer so that you avoid the interference ring tone or a reminder of the device.

So you can be more serious in the work, you should not receive a call from relatives even though.