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5 Things to Prepare 10 Years Before Retirement

You may have to prepare for your old age savings. However, actually 10 years before retirement is the most critical period for a worker. Therefore, you should prepare properly.

retirement tips

After working 30 years, you may be ready for retirement. However, in order to retire with a quiet and comfortable, you need to do several things.

1. Saving

To replace 70 percent of your income at age 65, you need to accumulate 12 times your salary at the age of 65 years. The choice is even harder to save or get more revenue.

2. Don’t retire simultaneously couples

Your partner probably about the same age with you. But at the same retirement is not a good idea. If the couple retired longer than you, at least there is a source of revenue that can still be saved.

3. Investment

To live well in retirement, you need to invest the money themselves that the results will follow the growth of inflation. This is important because the value of saving money will diminish over time.

4. Pay off debt

At retirement you should not busy paying debts. So if you intend to go into debt in the last 10 years before the retirement, should be canceled immediately. In fact, should you need to pay off all debts before retirement.

5. Make friends with the young

Friends with seniors is important because it can give you a lesson about the experience. However, there is no harm in making friends with people who are younger than you because they can provide new knowledge that you may not know.