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5 Things Embarrassing Currently Have No Money and Tips to Overcome

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Anyone would feel a lot of trouble if you do not have the money. However, it will be even more chaotic when financial problems occur in conjunction with several specific situations that turn it into an embarrassment.

There are five embarrassing situations that are often encountered when people run out of money. But don’t worry, because there are also tricks to overcome wisely when the bad luck come our way.

Credit card declined

When to go sightseeing, shopping or eating with a boyfriend, a credit card suddenly declined when will the transaction. This embarrassing incident could happen to anyone even for you who earn big though.

Many causes, for example, you forget that credit card limit already in the maximum limit.

To that end, the best solution is to bring one or two additional credit cards. Thus, when a credit card is rejected you can use other credit cards. So, it never hurts to apply two or more credit cards.

Broken car

You may have experienced car suddenly broke down and had to be taken to the workshop but the money in your wallet and not enough atm. Meanwhile, if not immediately repaired, the damage could be worse and even more to spend a lot of money.

Try to bring the car to the garage subscription. Maybe you could get relief either in the form of discounts, or pay it in installments.

More lucky again if necessary, contact a friend who knows about the ins and outs of the car.

Be invited out of town

Another situation that is quite embarrassing when no money was invited to a wedding out of town. Moreover, if the marriage is a close friend and the wedding took place outside the island.

For sure you will have a bad taste if you do not come to the wedding. However, it never hurts to say what really happened. Tell far day if you can not come to the wedding reception. And do not forget to congratulate the bride and groom at least by telephone.

Had to borrow money to a friend

You do not have any money while the needed funds for the things that are sudden? Like paying hospital bills, and other urgent needs? Usually friends became one of the main objectives to borrow money when a situation like this.

It’s a little embarrassing, but it does not hurt to dare to borrow money to a friend. However, you must ensure that it can replace them on time. In addition, if a friend needs help another time try to keep a light hand. Because the name your friends help each other in times of need.

Friends borrow money

The opposite can also occur. Friends want to borrow money but you’re no money or mediocre, while the friend really needs help. If this was what should be done?

Try to say with the good that you also do not have the money. However, to offer assistance other than cash that can be done. Show that although no money as well, but you still want to help him.