5 Reasons You Can’t Be Rich

Leading financial planner Jocelyn Black Hodes said, as financial advisor, he has for many years helped many people cope with financial problems so that they could fit into the category of financially healthy.

credit card

Roads become rich indeed different for each person. However, although the road is different, the goal only to be an independent financially to achieve all the goals of life.

Jocelyn revealed, there are some same path taken by some people to get rich. But there are also the same path taken so that people find it difficult to become rich.

Here are 5 reasons why many people find it difficult to become rich:

1. You use the money like the already rich

Most people who are already well off financially choosing a lifestyle like the rich such as a vacation or buy branded goods. But unfortunately, for the needs of your credit card. Worse, many people use credit cards exceed the ability to pay.

Well, here the problem begins. Besides large enough, the interest system is a revolving credit card or flowers bloom. It is sometimes a way for someone who has actually been quite healthy financially but it later became insolvent.

2. Not having a clear plan

Without short-term goals, medium and long, you will be hard to get rich. Because, the goal will become the foundation for you to calculate the purposes and save money.

The purpose of being the first step to become a financial success. So start making a list of your financial goals and execute them one by one.

3. Not having an emergency fund

Theory in financial planning, you should pick the reserve fund or emergency fund of at least 6 months of monthly expenses. It is indeed easier to pronounce than have to go through.

Typically, many people use the emergency fund for needs that should not be necessary. The impact fatal, if something happens with your finances, the reserve fund is not available.

4. Too late to start

Although your monthly income is more when compared with the expenditure, but if you do not start saving your money then most likely you are hard to become rich.

Many reasons that make you delay saving. Next month or after the bonus out just fine. These reasons makes it difficult to become rich. So the most important is the commitment to start.

5. More complain than do

I’ll never get out of the grip of debt. It is a lot of complaints by many people. Though these people have not tried. Therefore, the important thing is to start.

Do not just talk and complain a lot but did not take any action. Begin to pay off debt and saving.