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5 Business Idea “Out of the Box”

In the midst of a new business, there are a handful of ideas out of the box that is rarely considered by others. Those ideas you can make a gap to open up new opportunities. Here are some business ideas out of the box that you can pass:

1. Subscriber Services

Creating a subscriber subscription box or it could be a business opportunity. In recent years, to subscription services has increased dramatically, ranging from beauty sites, food, games to the latest stuff. With the payment of goods or services performed by the billing scheme that shipped per month, subscription services have become a source of passive income.

2. Download App

By downloading the app certainly does not make you lucky, but slowly can make a little extra money each month. The application example Swagbucks will pay you to answer the survey questions. For those of you who like to watch TV, Media Insiders will pay you just to watch TV. As another example, Nielsen Homescan will pay in cash if only for scanning a grocery list.

3. Instagram Consultant

Instagram has grown with incredible in 2016 and this year the company will continue to develop better. Launched many latest features like video and Instagram Instagram Stories. With this launch, of course a lot of brands that will promote their products. If you are a user of Instagram, and has a passion in the photographs or social media, then you should start to become a consultant Instagram.

4. Bitcoin Investment

Bitcoin development investment in 2016 is positive, so hopefully this year will re-grow. In fact, some experts believe that the price of Bitcoin will reach USD1.000 next year, an increase of 40%.

5. Go Green

Millennial generation is very conscious about the environment. For example, 61% of the generation of digital signing up for an application, where users can track the amount of energy they use, or control over its use.