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4 Women is a success so most admired CEO in the world

List 2016 Employees’ Choice Awards issued by Glassdoor website launch name the most admired CEO in the world. The survey was based on the results of the survey to employees during the last twelve months.

In addition to some big names like Mark Zuckerberg CEO, Tim Cook or Sundar Pichai, the list also launched several names female CEO.

Who are the CEO Women who were able to get on the list? The following names:

4. Cathy Engelbert

CEO Deloitte LLP

Engelbert able to enter into the list of The Most Powerful Woman Fortune Magazine last year. However, this woman did not stop there.

He was able to make himself as the first woman to sit on the bench the CEO of the largest consulting firms. Engelbert also got a score of 93 percent thanks to his skill in leading the company.

3. Pam Nicholson

CEO of Enterprise Holdings

In 2013, Nicholson became the only woman who could become CEO of his family’s company.

Enterprise Holdings is now able to become the largest car rental company in the world. He also scored 94 percent thanks to his leadership abilities are qualified.

2. Lesa Francis

CEO and president of Staffmark

Francis is the CEO of the company’s commercial Staffmark employment agency. Under his leadership, he was able to make the company as one of the largest employment agencies in the United States. No wonder if this woman gets the value of the survey 94 percent.

1. Lysi Synder

CEO of In-N-Out Burger

The 34-year-old woman is the inheritor of the fast food business In-N-Out Burger. Although lined up as the heir to his family-owned business, Synder successfully demonstrated the ability to become a CEO.

Proven 95 percent of workers say, he was the CEO with good leadership qualities.