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3 Tips Smart Finance in December

Don’t feel we have entered the month of December. Months at the end of this year is identical to the month of joy which is usually filled with a vacation while enjoying the moment of turn of the year with family.

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However, the desire for a vacation is usually a negative effect on the financial owned. Well to be able to cope with it, here are some smart tips to manage finances in December:

1. Choosing the right stock

If the price fluctuations in the stock market makes your heart beat faster, do not worry. You can still invest by utilizing the savings to lower the fluctuation value.

This stock has the ability to experience lower volatility compared with the fluctuations in the value of stocks in general.

2. Utilize the car as ATM

Do you have a car that is unused at home? If so, the good news for you. The car can be used as a search engine money. By using Roadie applications, your car can be used to send the goods. This way, you can be on vacation at the same time earn money instead?

3. Cut taxes to be paid

Make sure you’ve paid off the entire cost of arrears waiting. After that, make sure you also have complete insurance payment or any investment that requires you to pay taxes.

By ensuring this you can more easily manage the finances and allocate the amount of money held by the existing needs