3 Most Exciting Work with High Pay

Do you agree that the best job is a job that offers a high salary? Most would agree, but others disagree. On the one hand, many people who are concerned with comfort while working rather than a high salary. But if there’s work to a comfortable, pleasant and highly paid, why not try?


1. Disc Jokey

In recent years the work Disc Jokey or DJ became very popular. Many people are flocking to learn to be a DJ in order to get the job. Looking back, the 70s ago, DJ only a side job for the fun of it. In fact, sometimes a DJ only paid free drinks only. But the DJ is now becoming one of the high-paying job. Even in a DJ gig can get a net salary of up to tens of millions.

2. Magician

Playing magic always feels good because it can make other people entertained. The magic moment has also become an industry which opens great opportunities for anyone. Magician potentially get millions of rupiah for all performances. Just imagine how much money can be collected in a month if you hold 10 times the performance schedule? Even David Copperfield the magician is now claimed to be the richest in the world, to be able to buy the island from the proceeds of playing magic.

3. Professional Gamers

Currently playing games not only could be the release of fatigue and hobby. There have been many gamers in the world that makes the hobby that became a profession. Even the game of international competition is already often held. A professional gamers can get millions of rupiah just from playing the game. For example by selling items online games. Even if you win the international tournament, the prize could reach millions of dollars.