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3 Financial Advice Evidently Wrong

From the beginning you’ll be inundated with a variety of financial advice. Today, a ban on using credit cards as they often have a negative impact also become one of the most popular advice. Some financial advice is sometimes delivered in less precise. So often lead to errors in applying it.

financial advice

The following three financial advice you often hear, and it turns out wrong:

1. Avoid using credit cards

Many financial experts who say there is no point in using a credit card. Because you will spend more money if you use a credit card. Unfortunately, many people who fail to pay credit card bills on time.

In fact, many credit cards provide benefits such as in the form of insurance or fraud protection. That is, you may use a credit card as long as the full responsibility.

2. Start saving for children’s education

Of course, education for children is very important. However, saving for retirement is much more important.

Remember, if you do not have a sufficient retirement fund, how are you going to pay for the education of children up to 20 years. Moreover, the cost of a child’s education will be increasingly expensive with increasing time.

3. You need a financial planner

There are times when hiring a financial planner is a good idea. But not everyone needs a financial planner, even some people better manage their assets without financial planner.

Actually, if your assets are not so complicated and you feel comfortable to manage it, then you do not need a financial planner.