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11 Signs You Experiencing Internet Addiction

Internet is no longer something that is difficult to find, especially in big cities. Behind the plus side, the internet also has a negative side which can be addictive.

internet addiction

Restart Internet addiction center based in Seattle make a list of questions to diagnose whether someone difficulty escaping from the internet. Executive Director of the restart, Hilarie Cash, said there are 11 signs of Internet addiction. If at least five symptoms below you experience, you may have started Internet addiction.

1. Do you feel better if you’re browsing your favorite websites? If so, beware. The higher the euphoria whenever you are involved in all matters relating to the computer or Internet activity is a sign that you start an addiction.

2. Do you often spend more time on the Internet? If you want more time online and restless when away from the computer, you may start to addicted.

3. Are you all trying to control the use of the Internet but always fail? Failure to control behaviors, including aggressive behavior, is one of the symptoms of internet addiction.

4. Do you often neglect family and friends in order to spend time on the internet? Careful .. It was another sign.

A child of 12 years was forced to undergo electric shock treatment at the Beijing Military Region Central Hospital for addiction Internet that happened in June 2005. The boy was so addicted to the Internet. He spent four days in a row in an internet cafe, barely eating or sleeping.

5. Are you interested in other activities in the real world and be happy to be in front of the computer. Withdrawal from other activities is one sign you start Internet addiction.

6. Do you lie to conceal how many times you’ve watched the video of Susan Boyle? Or YouTube channel Bo Burnham? Lying about what activities you do on the internet shows you’ve been too in the internet.

7. Is the Internet to interfere with work or school responsibilities? Despite being still trying online school or study indicated time you start can not run away from the internet.

8. Do you still think the Internet when you’re not using it? For example, already thinking about what you’ve done on the internet and what would you do if online later?

9. Have you lied to family members, therapist, or others just for the sake of more frequent online activities?

10. Often stay up all night, could not set a time-line, or sacrifice sleep in order to get online? Changes in sleep patterns is a sign that something is wrong.

11. Do you experience weight changes, or experience back pain, headaches, or carpal tunnel? It could be that you start can not be separated from the Internet.

How is the result? Hopefully you do not belong to people who suffer from addiction to cyberspace.

If you are already experiencing the above symptoms, you should immediately take precautions. Try to engage in outdoor activities such as sports, camping, traveling, meeting people, followed suit hobby clubs, and more. It is not easy and take up.